Become an Association member

Ocean Revival / MUSUBMAR

Become an Association member

Be a member of the MUSUBMAR - The Subaquatic Tourism Promotion and Development Association, the promoter of the do Ocean Revival Project, and take part in its construction and in the decisions that will be made on other measures for the promotion and development of subaquatic tourism.

In addition to having an active part in the achievement of the objectives of the Association, your members will benefit from some privileges, and here are some of the highlights:

  • Involvement in a project that involves public and private organisations and individuals;
  • Participation in an entrepreneurial venture aimed at promoting Subaquatic Tourism;
  • Contribution towards the setting of objectives the Association should aim to achieve and the way these should be achieved;
  • Contribution to decisions on products or subaquatic tourism experiences, as well as the defining of priority markets;
  • The privilege of being publicly associated with the OCEAN REVIVAL brand;
  • Participation in the actions to be set, developed and promoted by the Association;
  • Benefitting from external promotion, recommendation and publicity of their members by the Association to its members and to third parties;
  • Preferential access to the supply of goods or services from the Association in relation to the actions the associate takes part in;
  • Benefitting from special conditions in the acquisition of goods or services that are the targets of initiatives between the Association and a diverse set of various other organisations;
  • Proposing programmes, projects or actions to be developed by the Association;
  • Benefitting from special terms when participating in Actions/Events to be developed by the Association (Workshops, Seminars, etc);
  • Benefitting from a 10% discount from the services provided by associated diving centres that have joined the discount programme for associates;
  • Benefitting from links placed on the OCEAN REVIVAL website;
  • The chance to acquire Merchandising items at cost price and, for organisations, authorisation for their re-sale to selected members of the public at selected prices to the public;
  • Benefitting from the infrastructure eventually put in place at the Ocean Revival Reef.

If you are interested in becoming one of our members, download the application form and send it to us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to the following address:

MUSUBMAR - The Subaquatic Tourism Promotion and Development Association
Rua Eng. José Bivar - Edifício Scorpius - Bloco B
Praia da Rocha
8500-806 Portimao

Your support is important. Join the Ocean Revival.


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