Why the Algarve

Why the Ocean Revival must be here

A perfect place for diving and much more Ocean Revival´s location was chosen not only for its calm waters, but also to ensure this unique attraction is easily available for the biggest number of visitors.

A short flight away from any big European city, the Algarve is famous for its wonderful beaches where the sun shines all over the year. Now, the Ocean Revival Project will make it famous also as a great diving destination a place where you'll want to come back again and again.

A new diving place under the sun

Located in the south of Portugal, Algarve covers approximately 5400 square km. Its almost 200 km long coast has enough sandy beaches to tan every sunbather in Europe. This is where the Atlantic Ocean gently mingles with the Mediterranean sea, resulting in water temperatures range from 14º to 22º Celsius, 300 days a year.

For the diving enthusiast Algarve will be a nice surprise. Good weather and safe waters ensure great diving conditions all-year round.

And there is a lot to explore indeed: the underwater attractions go from 18th century or World War One shipwrecks to rocks and natural walls. Not to mention, naturally, the Ocean Revival artificial reef complex, open to all divers of the world in the last quarter of 2012.

Plenty to do and see

But what makes Algarve really special is to find such a fantastic diving experience almost at arm's reach, complete with all the comfort, safety and diversity of one of Europe's best touristic destinations. Besides the sunny, sandy beaches and magnificent cliffs, the region boasts a rich heritage of historical monuments, charming villages, unique cuisine.

If you come with family and friends, there's no chance they will be bored while you dive. They will be busy paragliding or hangliding, sailing or skiing, bird watching or dolphin spotting, watching car races or racing go-karts, rock climbing or caving, hunting or visiting the oceanarium, touring on horseback or mountain biking, and of course, playing golf in some of the most beautiful and renowned courses in the world.

The region is also well served with air connections and first rate infrastructures: excellent roads, accommodation, shopping places.

The Ocean Revival theme park will be located one mile off Portimão, one of the largest towns in the region. Offering a wide range of accommodations and many tour packages at attractive prices, the town is equipped with a harbor and marina that make it the ideal base for exploring the surrounding area.

It's the diving site of your dreams. Help it come true

A perfect location is one of the things that makes the Ocean Revival theme park the diving site you have been waiting for. One that combines the thrill of a unique diving experience with a relaxing and unforgettable vacation for the whole family.

The Ocean Revival Project was conceived to win sea-lovers around the world for the cause of Nature through the creation of an exceptional diving destination. It's based on the belief that sustainable tourism is a viable way to protect bio-diversity and the preserve the environment. If you love diving, the sea and the planet, you have lots of reasons to support this project and help it become a reality.

The main entities that supports the Ocean Revival Project: