Ocean Revival Museological Centre

Portimão Museum

Ocean Revival Museological Centre

The Museum of Portimão, which was recently given the awarded the title of Museum of the Year 2010 by the Council Of Europe, will host the Ocean Revival documentary exhibition.

The ultimate aim of this exhibition will be to perpetuate the memory of the sunken fleet, its historic context, using drawings, artefacts, photographs, films, documents and chronologies.

Situated inside the former La Rose conserves factory, the collection of the Museum of Portimão already exhibits naval, industrial, archaeological, ethnographic and subaquatic heritage, as well as the collection of the learned son of Portimão, Manuel Teixeira Gomes (President of the Portuguese Republic between 1923 and 1925), document archives, oral testimonials and life accounts.

The Contribution of Ocean Revival:

  • History of the Portuguese Navy warships;
  • History of their Patrons and Commanders;
  • Exhibition of various artefacts and parts from the ships.

To support the achievement of this objective is to celebrate the memory of the ships, their patrons and to pay tribute to the history and culture of a country, one that essentially has close ties to the sea.

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The main entities that supports the Ocean Revival Project: