Project calendar

Operations plan

Project calendar

With the sinking of the three ships, definitively the project its in its final implementation phase. Now the major running tasks are the following:

  • Last ship Licensing

    The project has already obtained a pre-license by the regulator entities. It is now necessary to comply with the assumptions, obtain the necessary approvals to have the final issuance of the license. Compliance with the requirements will now be done with the cleaning, preparation and decontamination of ship.

  • Fund Raising

    The funds to cover the investment needed to achieve the project are not yet guaranteed. The project should be funded by private entities. This task includes the actions necessary to ensure that we raise funds from private entities and individuals committed to supporting the project with a contribution.

  • Ship Cleaning and Preparation

    Tasks of cleaning and decontamination of the last ship and its preparation for diving and scientific monitoring. These are the project tasks that are consuming most of funds and time.

  • Last Ship Sinking

    Preparing, towing and sinking the last ship that will constitute the Ocean Revival Underwater Park.


Construction of a consistent and realistic strategic policy.

Creation of the non-profit company Musubmar, established by Portimão City Hall and the Subnauta diving centre.

Accreditation by government and environment bodies (conforming with highly strict European environmental legislation).

Licensing and achieving a Statute of Interest for Tourism and incorporation into the National Sea Strategy [Estratégia Nacional para o Mar].

Donation of the four ships by the Portuguese Navy and the transportation of the first two vessels to Portimão.

The backing of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

The start of work to prepare for the ships to be sunk, with the support of Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting (CARC), a specialist company responsible for more than 23 pre-planned ship sinkings across the world.

The main entities that supports the Ocean Revival Project: