Zambeze - Missions Carried Out

Ocean Patrol EX-NRP Zambeze P1147

Zambeze - Missions Carried Out

The following duties were frequently given to the patrol ship "Zambeze": customs and fishing inspections (seizures, fines, etc.) in the North Zone; public service, mainly in Madeira; participation in exercises; Search & Rescue missions; transportation and evacuation of ill and injured people.

1972: August 22nd, at 4.50pm, close to Sesimbra, the patrol ship "Zambeze" was moored on the port side to the "Almirante Magalhães Corrêa" frigate and received CFR Garcez de Lencastre and a team of camera operators (Baptista Salgado, Ribeiro Mendes, Pinto Capela and Carlos da Silva) for filming of the ship while it sailed; the shooting was interrupted close to an hour and a half later and ended at 8.2pm, and the officer and the team disembarked at 10.25pm; in September, it assisted the "Sandra Luísa" vessel, and escorted it to Setúbal.

1973: Between 22nd and 24th July, it assisted a sailing boat regatta near the Port of Leixões, receiving various civilians on board; In November (until February 1975), the first Overseas Commission - leaving for Cape Verde on the 14th.

1974: In Janeiro, the Governor of the Province, Rear Admiral (CALM) Fragoso de Matos, was taken between ports in Cape Verde by the "Zambeze". On January 14th, when travelling from Santa Maria to Porto Grande, the Governor was accompanied by the Admiral Chief Commander of the Armed Forces; On April 24th, the ship left for Guinea and remained there until May 10th of that year.

1975: On February 25th, the patrol boat "Zambeze" arrived in Lisbon, after its Overseas Mission ended; from December to Mat, it was commissioned for Search & Rescue missions and for fishing inspections in Madeira.

1978: From May to August, it was commissioned for Search & Rescue service and fishing inspections in Madeira; September 20th, it assisted in the maritime accident between the merchant navy ships "Diprity" (Cyprus) and "Angel" (Japan), which was around 45 miles a to the northeast of Leixões; where crewmembers from the Japanese vessel , which would later sink, had disappeared. A German ship and various others would travel to the area to assist.

1979: Transportation of a group of 24 crewmembers from GEISE to the Parcel Bank in South America and support in its study mission; from November to March, it was commissioned for Search & Rescue service and fishing inspections in Madeira.

Some overseas ports visited

Tenerife, Cape Verde, Guinea, Bissau, Caio, Las Palmas

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