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Ocean Revival Certification


OCEAN REVIVAL Certified operators

As it is an installation designed to promote subaquatic tourism in Portugal, particularly in the Algarve, access to the Ocean Revival Park is free to any operator who holds the relevant license for diving.

However, in a way designed to guarantee the safety of the divers and the quality of the dives, all operators will have to comply with Regulations set by the Park.

In order to promote the knowledge of the regulations and the Artificial Reef in itself it is recommended that the diving operators that takes clients to the reef should get the Ocean Revival certification.

The Ocean Revival Certification is obtained throughout a speciality course organized by the Musubmar Association.

The course, free of charge for Associates of the MUSUBMAR Association and subject to a fee for non-Members, is open to all diving centres, clubs and schools that may wish to obtain the certificate.

The requirement for obtaining it is that all Guides and Instructors from the centre to be certified that carry out their activities on the Reef should complete the certificate successfully.

The diving centre, club or school will only be allowed to publicise itself as Ocean Revival Park Certified Operator if its guides and instructors who accompany clients and students are duly certified by the Ocean Revival Park.

In this way, all divers interested in diving on the Reef, when they do so with a certified diving centre, they will do so with trained professionals and in the best safety conditions.

It is recommended, as such, that on planning diving expeditions on the Ocean Revival, the interested divers should choose a certified centre, school or club and that they should check that the Guide or instructor that accompanies them has taken the relevant course.

Proof of certification comes in the form of a numbered card issued by the Ocean Revival Park with the name of the guide or instructor, photo, centre, club or school that they work with and the date of certification.

Topics covered by the certificate are the following:

  • Description of the Ocean Revival Park
  • Characteristics of the Ships
  • History of the Ships and Patrons
  • Itineraries per Ship
  • Levels of Difficulty
  • Entry and Exit Points
  • Safety and Safety Notices
  • Recommended Equipment
  • Behaviour to be Avoided
  • Park Regulations
  • Emergency Plan

Operators currently undergoing Certification:

  • Subnauta
  • Exclusive Divers

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