How to dive at the underwater park

Ocean Revival

How to dive at the underwater park

The Ocean Revival Park is free to access and any person or operator can dive there as long as they are trained and they do so under the terms of the law in force and they adhere to the Regulations of the Park.

However, the safest way to dive the Ocean Revival is with a centre, club or diving school certified by the Park.

In this way, you will be guided during your dive at the Park, visiting the ships in a safe way and getting the very best out of the experience.

There are various itineraries with well-defined routes that allow for a visit with the minimum possible risk.

All certified centres, clubs and schools have guides and instructors who had been trained on how to use the Park so that they are familiar in great detail with all aspects related to diving in it (the features of the ships, itineraries, safety, emergency plans, etc.).

In addition to this, certified centres, clubs and schools will receive regular information on the state of the ships, structural variations, the life-forms attached to them, any special care that should be taken, areas to avoid, updates to itineraries, safety advice, etc., and in this way, they will be trained to visit the ships in the best safety conditions.

Look at the "Certified Operators" section on the diving centres, clubs or schools that have been given their safety certificate as an operator and who have guides and instructors on their books that are duly trained for visits by their customers and students.

The main entities that supports the Ocean Revival Project: