• Contribute towards making the Ocean Revival Project a reality.

    You can contribute with any sum you wish to donate, starting from 10 Euros, in order to support the sinking of one of the project’s four ships.

    As a sign of our appreciation for your contribution, there will be public recognition for your generosity. In addition to this, you will be entered into a draw for one of three places in the group that will take part in the first dive to the ship that you decide to sponsor.

    The draw will take place in public under the supervision of auditors ten days before the sinking.

    Whatever you donate, your help is very important to us!


Step 1: Help to turn the Ocean Revival Project into a reality

Step 2: Contribution and Amount

Declare the total sum to be contributed (which can be above the minimum Package contribution sum). You will receive a receipt for your contribution. In the unlikely event that the sinking of the ship that you are sponsoring cannot go ahead, the sum you donate will be refunded in full.

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Different contribution amount: Invalid Input

Enter your total contribution amount, which can be more than the Perk minimum value.

Step 3: Personal Information

Provide the URL for your facebook profile that can be activated for the Roll Of Honour and a photograph of 140x140px (maximum 100k). Your name, country, photo and facebook URL will appear on the Roll Of Honour unless you opt for an anonymous donation, described below in Step 6.

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Step 4: Delivery Information

Donors who decide to accept the gift sent in recognition of their contribution by post will be asked to pay postage and packing charges for delivery.

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Step 5: Personalization

If you opt for the t-shirt, please select the size you require.

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Step 6: Privacy

If you decided to donate anonymously, your name will not appear on the supporter Roll Of Honour and instead there will be an entry that says ‘Anonymous’ and list your country.

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Leave your comment here which will later be published in our "Comments and Testimonials" page.

Step 7: Payment

Choose the payment method to make your contribution. After its successful you will receive an payment confirming email. Afterwards we will send the receipt.

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The main entities that supports the Ocean Revival Project: